Rededication of Suri Granek a”h plaque

Suri Granek a”h was a driving force for the Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley. Suri served in many capacities for our organization, in addition to being co-president of Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley from 2007-2009. On Sunday, January 7, 2018, a ceremony was held at our Bikur Cholim Room in Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital to rededicate a plaque in Suri’s memory.

Before the Bikur Cholim Hospitality Room came into being in the summer of 2016, Bikur Cholim served the Jewish patients and their families through our “locker,” a well-used closet that housed a small fridge, some cabinets and shelves, all stocked to the max. The fridge and cabinets held kosher snacks, salads and drinks, and the shelves were home to seforim, current Jewish newspapers and books and games for children. Our locker was truly a blessing for the many families that relied on it for many, many years. It was with much gratitude that the Bikur Cholim locker was dedicated to the memory of our beloved Suri Granek, who worked tirelessly on behalf of Bikur Cholim.

We recall our hakarat ha-tov to all that Suri did as we hang a new plaque in her memory in our new Bikur Cholim room. May Suri’s memory and legacy be an inspiration and a blessing to all those whose lives she touched through her devotion to Bikur Cholim and our community.