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Shabbat Access

The majority of the external doors at St. Peter’s are electronic. A manual door is located at the main hospital entrance, near the circular driveway. (If entering through the manual doors, stay to the extreme right side of the door in order not to activate the electronic doors at the main entrance.) Once entering the hospital, there is stairway access within the building. However, the pediatric and neonatal wards can only be accessed by elevator.

Bikur Cholim Hospitality Center

In conjunction with St. Peter’s, the Bikur Cholim provides a hospitality center for the benefit of patients and their family members. The Hospitality Center is stocked weekly with kosher and special Shabbat food, prayer books, electric candlesticks, reading material, audio and video tapes, cassette players and children’s toys. The St. Peter’s hospitality center is located in room 4016, on the 4th floor of the hospital, between the Women’s and Children’s Pavilion and the maternity ward. The Center can be found by taking the elevator or stairwell to the 4th floor and making a right by the guard station and then a left at the end of the corridor. The locker can be accessed by using the combination, Gimmel-Hay-Aleph. Please follow the instructions inside the center.

Kosher Food Service At St. Peter’s

Kosher meals are available for patients at St. Peter’s and are supplied by “Kosher Gourmet”, which is manufactured by Tuv Taam, under the kashruth supervision of the CRC. The CRC is considered reliable by the Vaad Harabonim of Raritan Valley.

A family member who would like a kosher meal must first pay at the cashier of the cafeteria and obtain a receipt. To order the meal, this receipt may be given to a nurse at a nurse’s station or to the Food Services Department on the ground floor. Lunch must be ordered between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., and dinner must be ordered by 1:00 p.m.

While St. Peter’s is committed to upgrading the kosher food program at the hospital, there is no Mashgiach (kashruth supervisor) in the kitchen. Accordingly, patients may wish to check each item carefully (e.g. that each item is wrapped properly and that there is plasticware instead of silver-ware on the tray). Supplemental items can be found in the hospitality center. If you have any specific questions about the kosher food at the hospital, please contact Bikur Cholim at 732-572-7181.

The Pastoral Care Office

The Pastoral Care Office, located on the third floor of the hospital, is committed to improving the quality of patient care. Special religious needs may be discussed with the Chaplain in the Pastoral Care Office, ext. 8565.

Patient Visiting

Volunteers from Bikur Cholim, as well as other Jewish organizations, visit patients regularly to provide a friendly face and a connection to the local Jewish community. Patients who indicate “Jewish” as their faith on the hospital admission form may receive visitors from the Bikur Cholim, as well as other organizations or synagogues.


There is an Eruv in New Brunswick and in Highland Park/Edison. All local hospitals in New Brunswick, as well as the Hyatt and Heldrich Hotels, the Chabad House and Congregation Poile Zedek* are within the Eruv boundaries.

The Highland Park and New Brunswick Eruvim are connected. Please note that the river side of River Road is not in the Eruv.

For information before Shabbat on the status of the Eruv, please call the Highland Park Eruv at 732-247-3788 and the New Brunswick Eruv at 732-545-6123 or visit www.hperuv.org

* Due to a tragic and devastating fire, Congregation Poile Zedek is not currently holding services at the Neilson Street location.

Shabbat Accommodations

Options for Shabbat accommodations include hospitality in the local Highland Park / Edison community as well as the Chaim v’Chesed Guest House.

Map of St. Peter’s University Hospital