103 Cedar Grove Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873
US: 1-877-967-7628
Outside US: 732-357-2600

Kosher Food at ProCure

Bikur Cholim maintains a kosher food cabinet, just to the left of the front desk at ProCure. Please ask Jenny or Bernie at the front desk for the key. The kosher food cabinet offers snacks and drinks. Dairy items are “Chalav Yisrael”. Hot water for tea or coffee is nearby in the lobby area.

Nearby Jewish Community

The ProCure Center in Somerset is about 15 minutes from Highland Park traveling on local roads.

Highland Park has a kosher grocery store with many Israeli brands, and a number of kosher restaurants including pizza, Chinese, sushi, deli, and a kosher Dunkin Donuts, plus a kosher bakery, candy store, and several places for kosher ice cream.

There are 8 Orthodox shuls, a Judaica store, women’s clothing store, three Jewish elementary schools and a girls high school. There is a mikvah and an eruv and a pharmacy where prescriptions can be picked up on Shabbat and Yom Tov.


Directions to ProCure from Highland Park:

  1. Route 27 south into New Brunswick.
  2. Make a right on Easton Avenue.
  3. Stay on Easton Avenue about 15 minutes to Cedar Grove Lane.
  4. Left on Cedar Grove Lane.
  5. Right turn onto Corporate Place leads almost immediately into the ProCure parking lot.

Contacts for ProCure families

ProCure can provide information regarding accommodations and transportation and other information about the local area. ProCure also has information specifically for patients coming from Israel. Patients coming to ProCure often choose to stay as close to the center as possible. There are a number of extended stay hotels and apartment complexes minutes from the center. It may also be possible to stay in one of the local Jewish communities.  Call ProCure at 732-357-2600.

The Chabad of Hillsborough can also assist with housing and other issues. Go to the Chabad of Hillsborough website and click on Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope was established specifically to support families coming to ProCure in Somerset.

Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley is based in Highland Park, NJ, about 15 minutes from ProCure. Like Bikur Cholim organizations all around the world, Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley offers the hospitality of a warm and caring Hebrew-speaking Jewish community in Highland Park and nearby Edison and East Brunswick. We can arrange housing within walking distance to one or more synagogues; transportation to and from ProCure and the local hospitals; home-cooked kosher meals delivered both within Highland Park and to locations near ProCure; the loan of medical equipment such as a pediatric nebulizer; and shopping trips to local supermarkets and stores. Call our help line at 732-572-7181.

Chaim v’Chesed House offers overnight sleeping arrangements for families with a patient at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Bristol-Myers Squibb children’s Hospital, or Children’s Specialized Hospital, all across the street in New Brunswick, about 15 minutes from ProCure.

See information below.

Bikur Cholim of Raritan Valley


Yardena Cohen speaks Hebrew

Chabad of Hillsborough


Larger than Life (Gdolim Me-HaChaim)

Morit Blank (speaks Hebrew)

My Child’s Cancer

Oded Grinstein (speaks Hebrew)

Chai Lifeline

Ahuva Friedman, Case Manager
732-719-1705 (office)
732-991-0013 (mobile)

Chaim v’Chesed House

179 Somerset St., New Brunswick
Sarita Kohn